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Window Installation 

Window Installation If you’re working on renovations for your home don’t forget to include your windows in the plans. Windows can act as the insight into the soul of your home and help to define it both inside and out. Whether you’re working on a whole house remodel or are just renovating one room, your windows should be an important part of the equation. You’ll also need to hire an experienced and reputable window installation  company to do the job for you.

Energy Efficiency

Not only do windows add to the aesthetics of the home but they also keep it energy-efficient. When your windows don’t provide enough thermal protection, both heat and cold air will be able to make their way in and out of your home at will. Most Arizona City energy auditors start their investigations with an inspection of the doors and windows to find any drafts in the home. Doors and windows can be the location where major problems are found in terms of wasted energy.

Window Installations

The installation of your new windows is just as important as the materials that are being used. You can be certain that the windows you are getting have been made in a manufacturing plant with strict quality control measures in place but you’ll need to be just as sure that you are getting a good contractor to do the installation. It’s estimated that 80% of windows service problems have been caused by a poor installation.

Window installations have to take into account the following factors during the process:

  1. There must be an airtight seal created around the entire window.
  2. The wall and the window frame must also present unbroken and continuous thermal insulation.
  3. The window can only support its own weight in order to protect its structural integrity.
  4. The windows’ efficiency features must be maximized to their full potential during the installation.
  5. The installation must take into account any differential movement that may occur between the wall and the window.

Measuring Your Windows

An Arizona City professional installer will take his time when taking the measurements of both the window openings and the windows themselves. A gap of 1/2 inch is left around the perimeter to leave room for insulation and for shins around the frame. The window must then be aligned correctly so that no water can make its way to any openings. Once the window is installed it must sit square, plumb and level in the opening and there should be no pressure at all on the frame. All of the seams must be uniform and the slope of the sill must be able to shed water according to the design specifications.

When you’re looking for a window installation company choose one that has the experience required to ensure a proper fit of your windows. You can rest assured that your windows have been manufactured properly, now it’s up to you to make sure that they are installed correctly as well.

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