Window Glass Replacement

Window Glass Replacement

While new window offers their own set of benefits, window glass replacement is a great option if you’re on a tight budget or have high-end windows that just need a replacement glass. If you live in Arizona  or in the surrounding area, we can help you with your window glass replacement needs in a timely fashion with our guaranteed service.

Energy-Efficient Window Glass Replacement

Nowadays, energy-efficient glass is pretty much a standard but there are some extra features that are also worth the small amount of extra money you’ll need to pay. Purchasing double pane glass with argon gas between the two panes along with a low-E coating will give you peace of mind. In Arizona, you’d want to choose the glass that is designed for warmer weather and also controls sunlight.

Tempered Glass

This is a safety glazing that can be added to your replacement glass. When you have a window treated with this type of glazing, the glass tends to crumble if it is broken instead of shattering like traditional window glass. This is a great option to add to your windows if you have young children or live in an area where your windows may be subjected to a stray baseball flying through the air.

Double Pane and Triple Pane Glass

These windows are extremely energy efficient and they may come with argon gas or air trapped in the spaces between the 2 panes of glass. This gas or air acts as an insulator and as long as the glass is installed properly there should be no condensation occurring. As well, a drying agent may also be applied to help protect against condensation.

Low Emissivity Glass

This glass type blocks a lot of the heat from coming into the home but at the same time allows the light to shine in brightly. You’ll find that your home remains cool on hot days while on the cooler days it will stay warm. This type of glass also has another amazing benefit, which has made it a popular option for homeowners. Less ultraviolet light is able to make its way through the glass, which in turn helps to protect furniture, upholstery, flooring, countertops, carpets and much more from fading.

Glass with Grids

If your current window currently has grills or grids on it, we can provide replacement glass that also simulates the same look. The grids can be put between the glass panes or directly placed on the surface of the window.

If you’re looking for window glass replacement in Arizona, contact us first. We have an impeccable reputation in the area and provide first-class service at affordable prices. We can also answer any questions you may have about replacing your glass and let you know what all of your available options are during our initial consultation with you. In many cases, glass can be replaced at a much lower price than installing a brand-new window.

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