Glass Window Repair

Glass Window RepairGlass Window Repair

If you live in the Eloy area and have a chip or a crack in your existing window it may be worth your time and money to consider a glass window repair instead of replacing the entire window itself. In many cases glass can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire window. You may also want to consider repairing your glass windows if you’re concerned about the energy efficiency of your existing ones.

Increase the Energy Efficiency

In some cases your old windows can be saved with simple repairs. If you’re having a problem with drafts we can help you remove and then replace the caulking around your windows and applying weather-stripping to them. In some cases we may also recommend adding storm windows for added efficiency.

Older Windows

You may not have to give up completely on your older windows just yet. If the cost of replacement is not workable according to your budget, we can often provide you with different solutions. In some cases the windows that you currently have add to the architectural detail of your home and replacing them wouldn’t be the best option. If this applies to you, give us a call and we’ll let you know which glass window repair services would be best for you.

Chips and Cracks

If your glass has a chip or a crack it may still be repairable and in most cases we will have to replace the entire piece of glass. There is often no need to buy a brand-new window, however, and your glass replacement costs will be quite low when compared to replacing the whole window. If the crack or chip is very small, we may be able to repair it but we’ll have to see it first before letting you know exactly what your options are.

When Do Old Windows Need to Be Replaced?

We recommend replacing your older windows if there is any chance that they were painted with lead-based paint. This type of paint was originally banned in 1978 and can commonly be found in older homes. Every time you open and shut the window you are creating friction and may be releasing lead dust. Your best option is to replace these windows completely by using a qualified window repair company in Eloy.

In some cases, replacement is your best option when the glass is completely broken, when you are dealing with split or rotting muntins, are experiencing excessive water infiltration or your exterior casing is rotten, cracked or loose. If you have any of these problems, please call us and we’ll come out to take a look at them. We’ll let you know whether repairing the issue is at all possible or whether the windows should be replaced altogether.

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