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Energy-Efficient Windows

When you’re on the hunt for energy-efficient windows in Florence you’ll need to find the perfect window company to work with. In most cases it’s much more cost-effective to completely replace the windows than to try to alter them to improve their efficiency. These types of windows will end up paying for themselves down the line since you’ll be paying less for your cooling and heating costs and may end up using less lighting too.

ENERGY STAR® readings are applied to windows to let the consumer know how efficient they are. They are labelled based on the climates in different areas but these readings don’t consider the orientation of the window or the design of the home. It’s important to look at all aspects of the window placement in order to determine how efficient you need your windows to be.

Selecting Windows That Are Energy-Efficient

When you talk to a window consultant he’ll ask you a number of questions about the design of your home and which way the windows will be facing. He will be able to recommend different types of windows based on a number of factors and he’ll explain why these windows are recommended. For example, you may need a window that has double-pane glass in one room of the house while another room would be best served with a triple-pane window.

There are also different types of coatings available and this technology is very sophisticated. Your window consultant will you know which ones would work best for your home. There are glazings that will reduce the amount of solar heat that is allowed into your home, which is a huge benefit in the summer.

Some of your glazing options include

  • Selective coatings
  • Reflective coatings
  • Tinted glass
  • Metallic oxide layers

Proper Installation

In order to see the most energy-efficiency from your windows, however, it’s important to have them installed correctly. If you purchase the most efficient windows available on the market, they won’t do you any good if the installation is done poorly. Make sure that you connect with an established window replacement company that backs its work with a warranty and has a good reputation in Florence and the surrounding area. This is a big investment you are making for both the short-term and the long-term so don’t trust your windows to any company that you don’t feel you can trust.

In terms of aesthetics, you’ll find that high energy-efficient windows look just as great as or even better than the low-efficiency models of the past. You’ll also find that new windows give your home a “finished look” that you’ll be able to appreciate for many years to come. Not only will your windows be much more functional, but they’ll be aesthetically pleasing and you’re sure to get some positive feedback from your neighbors once they have been installed.

Look for the highest efficiency windows, as recommended by your consultant, that you can reasonably afford. The time is now to opt for the best quality since the payback can be great in terms of savings on your utility bills in the future.

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